Pop Sculpture
Famous as one of the founders of the Pop Art movement, Roy Lichtenstein also had a playful way with sculptures. Recently two never before seen works, each a commentary on art itself, splashed down in the Hamptons.

The Resting Point
Tequila can easily fall into happy-hour obscurity where it becomes little more than a salty-sour boozy punch. David Marzano, bartender at Stony Brook’s Pentimento, has a cocktail that elevates the spirit with a whole lotta strawberries.

Strings Attached
When string instrumentalists all over the world make beautiful music chances are they’re doing it with D’Addario strings. Exported from Farmingdale, the strands are now taking on titan strength.

Foodie Gossip July 2014
A heaping helping of our local restaurants’ breaking news.

July / August 2014