Have A Nice Trip

How to have a vigorous vacation or staycation
By Mickey Z.

For those who always find time to exercise and find discipline to eat right, a vacation can be seen as a veritable minefield. However, with a tiny amount of preparation and focus, “going away” does not have to be synonymous with “letting go.” Let’s start with three simple tips:

It starts with your meals. More specifically, it can start with bringing some of your own meals. Whether you’re flying or driving, its best not to leave anything to chance. Highway rest stops and airline food is hardly a recipe for nutrition. As always, at home or on the road, remember the fundamental rule of eating—portion control.

When choosing accommodations, make sure your hotel has a fitness center and/or pool. These basic amenities eliminate any excuse for inactivity. I’m not saying you have to replicate your entire workout while on vacation, but a pared down version will go a long way.

Do your sightseeing on foot, whenever possible. Walking instead of using tour buses or cabs will help make your getaway healthier and will likely create opportunities for interactions and experiences often missed by those on official tours. In addition, skip the elevator, especially in your hotel. For those healthy enough to do so, taking the stairs is a simple way to burn calories.

staycation (e.g. a vacation spent at home enjoying all that one’s home environs have to offer)

You might also want to consider how to make your vacation economically and environmentally healthy. In this time of green awareness, rising travel costs and endless marketing, the creation of this word was inevitable—staycation (e.g. a vacation spent at home enjoying all that one’s home environs have to offer). “It is now fashionable to have ‘staycations’ to reduce your carbon footprint by lolling about at home rather than traveling, or buy less; use it up, wear it out, make it do,” writes Lloyd Alter at Treehugger.com “All of which uses up a lot less personal energy as well as fossil fuels. Laziness, languor, sloth are all the new green.”

The benefits include:
Staycations are far less costly than a vacation involving traveling. There are no lodging costs and travel expenses are minimal. Also, staycations do not have the stress associated with travel, such as packing, long drives, or waits at airports.
Not matter what path you choose, have a healthy holiday.

Mickey Z. doesn’t always the buy the “it’s not the destination, it’s the journey” concept. He can be found on the web at mickeyz.net.