Dating back to the early 1700s, cufflinks were originally handmade pieces of gold or silver adorned with gemstones, meant to be an extravagance reserved for the wealthy. By the 19th century, cufflinks were being mass-produced and men of the middle-class adopted the look by sporting replicas of pricier designs. Today, the fasteners sustain their relevance as marks of individual style. Accessory manufacturers including Kenneth Cole, Donald Trump, Geoffrey Beene, Tokens & Icons, David Donahue and Nautica have provided an array of designs to choose from, some even inviting cufflink to wristwatch coordination. Whether the end of your shirtsleeve sports a traditional, under-the-radar clasp or a witty, rebellious fastener, choose a pair that suits your personality. Just remember that cufflinks are embellishments and should not be a focus of attention that overpowers a carefully put together ensemble. — by Shannon McMahon