September Letters To


I’m writing this letter in response to your real estate article titled Between the Rock and the Hard Place. I agree that finding a job is very hard, especially for a recent college grad like me. I also agree that owning a home on Long Island is close to impossible. But what the article doesn’t consider is the possibility of renting apartments or owning a co-op. Why, in this hard economic time, is the public focusing so much on individual-family house ownership and not looking at the possibility of creating cheaper housing by replacing these model homes with a three-family, small apartment building? Land and taxes are expensive and going up. So why not take that same plot of land that is impossible to sell and replace it with something where each person can have 1/3 of the value, therefore the land will be used and people will have cheaper housing?

I especially find that this would be necessary around Long Island railroad stations. If there were several apartments building around each station, imagine the traffic and gas that would be saved by not having to drive in the car to the station and the ease of living it would provide. Plus an apartment building is efficient building because more people are using the same plot of land. Why is Long Island still looking at the old model of single-family houses and not realizing that population is increasing, and the only way to afford to live here is cheaper housing/rent. It’s time something is done about that. And I would surely love to move out of my parents’ house!

Lena Tumasyan, Syosset



Dear Pulse,
I just wanted to commend you on the coverage of fall fashion week in this past August issue—the photos are beautiful and the layout is very fluid and consistent. It’s fantastic to see that type of coverage in the magazine and really says a lot about Pulse. Thanks!

Sue, by email


This was my favorite issue of Pulse. It keeps getting better month after
Month. But the interview with John McEnroe was better than some national magazines I read regularly. It was a great article, well written and much more interesting than other articles I have read on him in the past.

Joe, Farmingdale

Just wanted to write in and tell Pulse how much I loved the feature on John McEnroe. It really opened my eyes to the rock n’ roll, art digging humanitarian part of him. I only knew of him as the ill-tempered and arrogant tennis player. But, now I see I judged him wrongly. Just goes to show you how sometimes the media can only show us part of the whole picture. Now I know!

Travis, by email


I wanted to send you a quick note regarding the new LI Pulse website. I love it! I usually check out the events you post online, as well as the dining guide and was quite pleased to find it updated when I logged on! I think your new website is amazing and will continue to keep coming back for updated reviews.

Joy, Huntington