Hooray October!

So I’m a little late with this but I want to say it anyway. I LOVE this month’s issue. The cover is, well what can I say? To die for. Love the metallic logo and the image used.

I am totally in love with the Fashion spread. The swirl graphic used is just the right touch for the photography. And does anyone know where I can get that yellow chair? If it were in my living room, I would never leave.

So cool that Natalie’s mom wrote a comment on the site and let us run it in this month’s issue.

Tracy did sooooo awesome on this month’s Pulse Products. Oh what I would do for those boots!

So great that Rob Semple’s story The Human is in here. Love that guy. And the illustration by Leipzig is just stellar.

Love the Cool List. I mean Homer Simpson reading The Odyssey? Can’t get much better than that, thanks Kenny.

I also think its cool that the interiors column by Lauren is longer this month with two pictures as well.

Love the Cut-up pages.

Oh and the Dining Guide got a face lift-don’t have to turn the magazine on its side to read it which is great and the colors/text used fits perfectly.

And I like that the Cover Party pics are in with Splash. Plus there are more pages! Who doesn’t love that? Congrats!

Tune in next month for more of Melissa’s Flaggs.

melissa flagg

Melissa Flagg is in charge of Communications for LI Pulse. She is also a freelance photographer specializing in vintage automobiles. View her work at melissapopephoto.com