November Rocks!

Well I think we can all agree that Pulse just keeps getting better and better due thanks in part to Kenny. There is more flavor and funk to each page from the cool fonts used to the awesome graphics such as the International Dining intro page. So awesome!

Tracey Elizabeth is such a talented person, and I’m not just saying this because she photographed my wedding! She managed to capture the details of each product while they’re moving without having the whole picture blurry on a gorgeous red background. I actually have lipstick in that very color.

This month’s Pulse Products are perfect for the season. I detect a slight undertone of action and movement throughout this issue. The cover is a dancer in mid-pose, Pulse Products are raining sox and scarves and of course the fashion spread is all about movement. The lighting effects and fuzzy quality of the spread is so fitting and totally enhances every photograph and makes me feel like I’m backstage at a Broadway play. Lynn Spinnato is a legend.

I love that there are two articles each from Pat Rogers and Toni Munna.

How cool is it that we have an interview with Brian Dennehy? Not just any interview. A PULSE-ified interview in the form of a one-act play! Who does that? We do.

The picture of Nada in Nada’s Notes is my favorite so far. I love that sweater with the pin! And the red background…

The cover again is outstanding. The combination of the matte finish and gold metallic logo makes it feel and look deliciously luxurious. When we voted on a cover, this was my pick.

My stomach is actually grumbling looking at the International Dining spread (the fact that I skipped lunch today may be adding to the noise). I can almost smell each picture. mmmm juicy!

The layout of Long Island Breweries with the bottles photograph displayed vertically is genius. And the pile of bottle caps came out cool (not just because, ahem, I took the picture, wink wink) but because it is just a great different way unpredictable way to display them in an article. The title of the font and color I’m in love with, oh I also love the font used throughout Fashion spread, I wish my handwriting looked like that.

I don’t even know what to say about The Last Thanksgiving. There are no words. I thought mine was bad with my damn Tofurky! I can picture the story playing in my head like a movie. Someone needs to make a movie about that guy.

I love to enjoy weed, seaweed that is! If you’ve never had it go to Micket Z.’s Seaweed article and try one of the many kinds.

All of the ads look great. The bling Ron Rizzo one is fancy schmancy. The R.W. Roge ad is clever. Drew Patrick ad looks great as well. Good job sales team!

Tune in next month for more of Melissa’s Flaggs. Oh, can you please pass the ketchup??

melissa flagg

Melissa Flagg is in charge of Communications for LI Pulse. She is also a freelance photographer specializing in vintage automobiles. View her work at