Women’s Gloves

There is an old “ism” that you can tell a “lady” by her hands. No matter what your profession, cracked, dry and scaling hands say anything but “lady.” If you’re going through the trouble of putting together coats and boots and hats and scarves (also featured in this segment), why stop before completing the look? Gloves are like an exclamation mark accenting your outerwear statement, and this season they come in lots of shapes and colors. And they feel oooh so good. So ditch the boring old standbys-think if this as the equivalent of lip-gloss for your hands. (L-R): Saks Fifth Avenue cognac & brown leather w/cashmere lining $110. Coach purple w/gold buttons and hot pink piping $158. Saks Fifth Avenue black opera length leather w/silk lining $135. Saks Fifth Avenue oxblood leather scrunched w/silk lining $145. Coach clack w/tan stitching and one button $98.

photo by tracey elizabeth