Hats & Scarves

Hats are tricky, but you too can be a Dapper Dan with almost no effort. The cut of these traditional styles makes them compatible for almost any head-no matter how big. All you need to know is: The higher the forehead, the more height you should have in the hat (so the brim comes down a little lower). Another convincer: you lose about 40% of your body heat through your head. Minimize your loss and pair your topper with a scarf that goes from jacket to sweater suit. Hats (L-R): Plaid wool cap by Seifter Assoc at Bloomingdale’s $45. Brooks Brothers black cashmere cap $128. Saks Fifth Avenue wool herringbone paperboy $98. Scarves (L-R): Burberry navy, grey, red & white cashmere plaid $295. Saks Fifth Avenue red & charcoal reversible cashmere $195. Bloomingdale’s charcoal, grey & tan cashmere $98. Bloomingdale’s orange, grey, mroon & black striped $45. Brooks Broothers grey, tan & beige striped wool $98.

photo by tracey elizabeth