Ice cream cake…Success!

Who said pumpkins can’t be made into ice cream? Let me tell you from my own personal experience: They can. Today is Kenny’s birthday and we had pumpkin/peanut butter ice cream cake from Carvel, you know, the one in St. James. Those guys can make any flavor. I’m glad the Pulse people were able to peel themselves away from finishing the Winter Issue to take a break because I got to have a slice of the pie, literally! I never get sweets but today was a special occasion. All day long they have been talking about gift guide this, holiday party that and facebook friends here and more of those 2D barcodes there. But, at least I got to listen to some good music from our new iTunes store on the website. My favorite is the On Deadline iMix. Hey, wait a minute. Everyone else has an iMix what about me? Maybe I’ll slip in a note in the suggestion box in the kitchen. Corinne will help me.

I wonder who’s birthday is coming up next? Maybe they’ll get raspberry next time…I’ve always wanted to try that…