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>>> Re: The Truth About Heroin
(September 2009)
Thank you so much for that story. As I read it, I almost felt as if I was reading my own story. I, too, live on Long Island, come from a totally normal loving family, was raised with good morals and values, had no great emotional blows in my life. And at 26, found myself hopelessly addicted to IV heroin. My life was turned into a web of lies, thievery, self-degradation, just pure insanity—all to insure that I got my next fix. I got clean for a while and thought I was fine because I had quit the drug. But eventually relapsed, causing me to almost destroy my brand new marriage and lose everything. I consider that point to be my true bottom. I began attending NA everyday, got a sponsor and learned there is so much more to getting sober than just stopping using the drug. You must fix your brain. And now I finally feel like I’m winning this battle. The abundance of heroin on Long Island is absolutely absurd. And the stigma the drug once held is becoming less and less, making it much less “scary” to kids considering giving it a try. Anyone that wants out of this terrible existence of addiction, I implore you, make meetings, get a sponsor, work the steps—THEY WORK. You’ll be amazed. You never have to use again. God bless Natalie Ciappa’s family. Though I did not know her, I unfortunately knew mutual people involved in the “game,” which I have put far behind me. And finally, a prayer for anyone on the island thinking of picking up for the first time.
>> Chris

Picked up a copy of Pulse the other day and really like the way the magazine looks and certainly what it has to say. I enjoyed reading the Brian Dennehy piece—really a very creative piece of work on your part. Congratulations and thanks.
>> Dan, by email

It was great to see my favorite band, Brand New, written up in the Pulse. They have engineered such vastly different albums in the past decade and it’s fun to see what sparks their creativity. Can’t wait to see them at the Coliseum!
>> Brandon

(November 2009)
A witty and insightful piece, particularly in its analysis of Brooklyn and Southampton. New York’s boroughs are fortunate to have a backyard filled with class breweries. A+.
>> Daniel

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