Winter NYC Music Haunts

Here’s a sampling of boroughs west of LI to close out the old year and welcome in a new one. Cheers.

113 N. 3rd Street, Williamsburg, Brooklyn

The grueling months of winter in New York City don’t stand a chance against Radegast. If the Hungarian Goulash doesn’t warm you up, try a sampling of the fourteen drafts on tap or the dozens of bottles from the beer capitals of Europe. And if you’re still chilly (and conscious), Radegast often has some live funky music (like Bad Buka, for example) mostly of the ethnic and brass persuasions to fire up the coals of the soul and get you through whatever ails your cold, cold heart.

10-93 Jackson Avenue, Long Island City, Queens

Long Island City’s “The Creek” used to have “A Cave” attached to its name some time ago, but things certainly change. Away goes the psychedelic groove of the old and in comes a more straight up kind of fun gathering place. Who doesn’t like fun? Don’t expect much rock and roll on the calendar though. Even though it’s all about the comedy and theater at The Creek these days, there’s still the cool smell of hipness in the air, one that probably will hang around for a while.

285 W. Broadway, Tribeca, Manhattan

When I was on stage at The Canal Room the other night (many of you know I’m a performing songwriter too), I had an epiphany. Clubs don’t have to smell horrible and be run down to be cool. Sophistication can be sweet and, in some cases, well-deserved. We deserve a place like The Canal Room from time to time. Sure the drinks are overpriced and the aesthetic overly sleek. Yes, there are too many 80s cover bands that come through these doors, but what do we care? Sometimes, the world is a bright light spinning past your eye, a good DJ in your ear, and a dark room for you to discover. The rest you can worry about tomorrow.

alan semerdjian

Alan Semerdjian is a writer, musician, English teacher, and occasional visual artist. Besides LI Pulse, his work has appeared in Newsday, Adbusters, Chain, The Lyric Review and numerous other print and online publications, anthologies, and chapbooks. His first full-length book of poetry is In the Architecture of Bone (Genpop Books 2009). You can visit him digitally at and find out about his music at