December or bust!

Well. Where do I begin? I guess with the first thing that I see, which is the cover. Oh the cover!!! This is my favorite thus far for a number of reasons. Firstly, the metallic background is ooo so luscious and I like that the shadowing effect creates depth perception. The models look gorgeous! And that’s my veil she’s wearing, I’m prepared for any occasion with an arsenal of vintage hats…and bags…oh and jewelry…and everything else. I also love that the slugs are metallic as well and not just a flat white, it just ads to the uber chic. So much for a doom and gloom holiday season—we’re all about celebrating life with this festive cover.

And then you open the issue and turn to the second spread. Well if this doesn’t say Melissa all over it, I don’t know what does! Gravesend Motorcycles are definitely one of a kind works of art, from the paint jobs, gas tanks, brass knuckles pedals, emblems and hand tooled seats and all that copper, they are eye catching. Two words: candy holder. This was one of my favorite photo shoots even though it was the coldest day of the year to date and my hands were gripping my blackberry so tight they resembled claws like those machines they used to have that when you put your quarter in the claw comes down from the top and you pray and pray it will have the strength to pick up that little yellow elephant. Talk about twitter-fingers. The other cool thing about this shoot was the fact that our fearless Publisher and Editrix got on a bike for her Nada’s notes photo, badass but yet…elegant at the same time.

Turn the page and that Guess ad looks gorgeous. Who doesn’t want to look that sexy? Go Lilien, or Lili-yen, for bringing in that big national business.

Speaking of Nada’s notes, how great was it that he song she quoted was non other than…The King. Yeah that’s right, I said The King. I’m THAT person who doesn’t call Elvis by his name. Because he is The King. Come on you know I’m right but it’s ok if you don’t want to openly admit it out loud to your friends at a bar, I know you agree. Just let your freak flag fly.

And yay, finally a Pulse Pics Wednesday winner!!!! Congrats to Insuh. He actually came out here to assist with this month’s photo shoot and did a great job, even though he broke a mirror. But, no one hurt themselves and so far it doesn’t look like any bad luck is coming anyone’s way. (Don’t know Pulse Pics Wednesday? Come back to on Wednesdays to find out about our weekly photo contest.)

I love the grainy pixilated two-tone thing going on in the Richard Leakey interview and these // used throughout the interview. Hey boys in development don’t think we haven’t noticed this lately. It’s very cutting edge. I mean, who needs all those paragraph breaks anyway? As for the interview, Aileen Jacobs really knows her stuff—a veteran interviewer she makes each of these people come to life month after month.

Speaking of coming to life…Marc Jacobs take me away! I looove those bags in Pulse Products. And the fact that at the top corner of each page the tag wraps around, rad. I love the shoes on top of each other, genius. No one does that. Gotta love that Tracey Elizabeth, her photography never disappoints. As in her…

Fashion spread this month. The blue background and bubbles used really create an understated festive feeling with just the right amount o’ bling to make it cool and sexy. Ms. Laura Varrone is quite crafty with her design techniques—you’d think those gold bubbles were floating on the set when we shot it. This spread was just so different from anything we have done. The angles and positions and how a couple of the pages the model’s heads were not showing are just awesome. It’s all about the clothes—Victor Talbots, Diane Von Furstenberg, Badgley Mischka oh my! —but then, it’s all about the feeling they give you, too. And on the last page, for those of you that weren’t here to witness that day, let me tell you a little something about our little Twiggy (she so totally looked like her with her hair and eyes and frail but strong structure. If you look very closely to the top of this page where her eyes are cut off, you can see a little bit of what looks to be brown feathers? Yeah because they were. The most exquisite false eyelashes I have ever seen. I almost swooned liked Scarlet O’Hara. Mathew (our amaaaazing makeup artist, my new fave) and I looked at each other and just went “oooooo.” Oh Melissa I knew we were separated at birth.

More metallic in the Holiday Gift Guide. I love that stack of presents. I really hope I get a present wrapped like that under my tree this year from Santa. The gift guide itself is awesome. There is something for everyone: Tequila, video games, bikes, sweaters, lingerie, cameras. Oh the Go Pro Camera? I got one for my hubby last Christmas for when he is surfing or motorcrossing. So cool, he loves it. I definitely recommend it. It’s simple to use, simple enough for Eric and he can’t even send an email.

So hurry up and check it out to find out where all the good gets are and then get to the getting. But hold onto your Pulse because, there’s plenty more in this double issue for next month.

melissa flagg

Melissa Flagg is in charge of Communications for LI Pulse. She is also a freelance photographer specializing in vintage automobiles. View her work at