Not Quite the Jersey Shore

Some prefer a Guido that resembles the photograph above. I, on the other
hand, prefer a Guido that resembles the photograph below.


The second “Guido” is known as ‘t Smisje Guido, a Belgian Strong Dark Ale
(BSDA) that I had the pleasure of tasting last night.

As the label suggests, it’s brewed with honey and raisins (also noticed
hints of caramel – overall, it was very easy to drink, a nice balance of
sweet and spicy), which are two of my most favorite things in the world. It
felt like a box of Raisin Bran drenched in honey knocked on my mouth’s
door, entered, phoned most of its friends and threw a rather extravagant
house party in my honor.

In other words, it was yummy.

If you happen to come across it, drinkdrinkdrink. Ya feels me?