Roll With It

Introducing: The Tumi Vapor. A piece of luggage that gets respect from even the surliest of JFK luggage tossers. Weight restrictions are getting tighter and luggage security is…well that’s changing too. The Vapor is your answer to both of these: Triple-layered, polycarbonate lightweight construction and hard-case protection in one. As if that’s not reason enough, how about a 5-year warranty and a loaner bag if you need one should yours go in for repairs? Still not ringing your bell? Each Tumi is coded with a unique serial number to help you reclaim your luggage should it be lost. Vapor features a state of the art locking mechanism, easy-glide wheels and extension arm. Choose from carry-on, medium and extended stay sizes (or all three) and either silver or black finish. Shown here: Black medium trip packing case.