Well, we are back. Actually, we never really left. Technically just not in the office. So I guess I should say we are back in the office. And Happy New Year! Did you make any New Year’s Resolutions? I have mixed feeling about them. On the one hand, it’s great to have a little self reflection time at the end of the year and figure out how to better yourself in the upcoming 365 days. It’s definitely a positive thing to do. But, on the other hand, why do this only once a year? For me, I feel like I am constantly changing. Whether it’s clothing or a tattoo or a long term goal, I like to kind of reevaluate and reinvent myself all the time. Although, I have been going to the gym pretty regularly again and stopped eating so much cheese. Oh but I love cheese. Im a little bit of a dairy junkie but not so much ice cream. Just cheese,mmmmmm. Anyway, the way I see it, life is too short to stifle yourself. So, if you are in need of a change, make one. Need a change of scenery? Crack open your piggy bank and go.

Speaking of vacation, mine was awesome! It included going to the movies, shopping like a lunatic (even on Christmas Eve!), lots of snow and being tackled in it, thrift stores in Vermont, staying at a haunted inn with pictures (soon to follow) to back up my jeepers creepers, my mom’s Irish Tea Cake, a bridge of lights, and a ceramic bust of Elvis. Check it out.

This was the beginning. Casa Basso is for rent in Westhampton. Let me tell you how much I would love to live there! Yes it really looks like a castle. Above is my new friend. It’s almost like the Chronicles of Narnia, maybe with a little splash of Warhol and Grey Goose.

And I found the Flagmobile- pretty close to my last name just add another G. And I’m a dork so I bought a couple of checkered flags for my hubby’s stocking since he was a motocross racer and all I thought it was cute.

image The Irish Tea Cake. Before.

image aaannnd….after. So delicious.

Now this might sound a little out there but this bridge of lights is part of the Joseph Smith birthplace holiday extravaganza. I’m not a Mormon or anything, this is just one of my new favorite things to do around Christmas when I visit my mom. It’s a light display that you drive through in your car and tune in to a specific station playing choir music. My BFF and I ( yes we even have the necklaces AND matching owl tattoos) were the only ones who wanted to do it, everyone else thought it was boring. So around and around we went! So many lights I came close to overdosing and burning a hole in my retina but well worth it and can’t wait for next year!

This is Dharma my cat I got in college in Vermont. She lives with my parents and I miss her so! I literally adopted her from some hippie’s house in college and had her in my room for months and no one knew! But, I eventually brought her home to socialize with our other family pets and have a real life. She’s sassy and perfect.

And the best birthday present ever!!! (Well actually it tied with my first facial and massage from my bff and a beautiful locket from my husband) Anyway, I saw this Elvis bust a while ago in one of my favorite antique stores of which I am a regular customer at called Remember Yesteryears in Patchogue. Unbeknownst to me, my dad actually remembered me mentioning it and came down and bought it for me!! Oh the love. And one one of my trips there I went downstairs to my favorite Flea Market section and it was gone. I was heartbroken. But now it’s mine forever and ever.

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