February Letters To:

Dear LI Pulse,
I was happy to see Mickey Z. highlight a basic exercise in his Deconstructing the Abdominal Crunch in your December/January issue. People need to realize that instead of expensive, fancy exercise equipment or gym subscriptions, all one requires is good old-fashioned gravity to provide resistance in the quest to become physically fit.
>> Dennis

I have been following the Between the Lines column by Daniel Simone and I have enjoyed it immensely. Besides the fact that it is written exceptionally well, I also get a kick of the way Mr. Simone explains his review of the books and the authors’ style. The current one about Nelson DeMille and his new book The Gatehouse is very enlightening.
>> Larry, Roslyn

We have always enjoyed the Long Island Pulse’s event coverage, special sections, visiting contributor’s pieces, and stories. However, the December issue was very offensive to us, the Butler and Grucci families, Knights of Columbus, and I darn say the vast majority of all parishioners of every church and parish on Long Island. Why are we upset? The issue didn’t have one mention of Christmas, except for the “Christmas Décor” back inside cover ad. Instead every time holiday was substituted: “Holiday Helping”; “Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide”; and the best, your “Winter Party.” If your objective was to insult and lose 78% of your readers, you certainly hit your mark. Don’t believe me, do your own poll and please publish the results.
>> Merry Christmas,
Philip Butler

Editor’s note: well, phil, it is never our intention to offend anyone, hence being inclusive to all the holidays that occurred during the Dec/Jan issue. For the record, the word “Christmas” did appear at least four times on the page adjacent to the one you mention, and several other times throughout the issue. As for that poll you suggested, here are the results: