Music: February Playlist

Ingrid Michaelson
(Cabin 24)
Fans of Colbie Caillat and Schuyler Fisk will no doubt fall in love with New York-based Ingrid Michaelson. This, her fourth album, is her breakthrough, mostly thanks to the unforgettable “Maybe,” one of those once-in-a-lifetime songs. Mixing an accessible sound with sunny vocals and compositional mastery, Michaelson has a promising career ahead.

Regina Spektor
Russian-born Spektor continues to evolve and is fast becoming a major artist. Her varied, quirky, piano-based sound, assisted by a battery of big name producers including Jeff Lynne and David Kahne, now move her into the big leagues. This album is further proof that as one decade ends and another begins, singer-songwriters rule.

Devendra Banhart
What Will We Be
(Warner Bros.)
He’s been lumped into the free (or is it freak) folk movement and at times recalls everyone from an even more eccentric Van Dyke Parks to a vocally subtler Harry Nilsson, but Devendra Banhart is indescribable. As far from pop music as you can get and mixing a childlike whimsy with songs on which he sounds like he’s speaking in tongues, Banhart is as original as a musical artist can get.

Hope Sandoval & The Warm Inventions
Through The Devil Softly
This is Sandoval’s second album with her new group since leaving Mazzy Star. Her haunting, lush voice is still as dazzling and enticing as being whispered to in a dream. While her new band doesn’t veer too far away from the glorious Mazzy Star, it has a focus that is a bit quieter to accommodate that glorious voice.

Landon Pigg
The Boy Who Never
Pigg is yet another great singer-songwriter who has a timeless sound, which is bolstered by superb production on this, his second major label release. With just the right ornate touches of baroque pop studio shine, Pigg’s well-written songs, wonderful voice and songs like “Falling In Love At a Coffee Shop” make him yet another singer-songwriter star.

Hearing is Believing
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