Decor: Want Art?

Choosing and displaying artwork for your home or office can be a daunting task, especially if you’re unsure of what you want. Here, Nancy Ganzekaufer, founder and owner of Expressive Living, an art consulting service in Wantagh, discusses how she works with clients to find a piece that’s just right.

LI Pulse: Tell us about Expressive Living. How did you get started?
Nancy Ganzekaufer: About seven years ago, I was hosting house parties as a way for potential buyers to preview artwork in a relaxed setting. Soon enough the buyers began asking my advice about framing, matting, displaying, and even choosing additional artwork for their home. That’s when I knew there was a niche to be filled.

LIP: What’s your best advice for first-time art buyers?
NG: Look at as many options as you can, especially if you’re unsure of what your preferred style is. So many people think they know what they like but it’s not until you explore what’s out there can you really find what fits your personality best.

LIP: What are some of the most common mistakes that you’ve seen?
NG: Pieces are either hung too high, too low or the pieces are just too small for the space! That’s my biggest pet peeve. If you have a large space to fill say, a room with vaulted ceilings, you need something large that makes a statement, so go for it.

LIP: What are some of the trends you’re seeing?
NG: Family photo walls are very popular right now. With the current economy, families aren’t buying art as much. Displaying a history of family photos is a great alternative with a lower price tag, plus it’s such a personal expression. The biggest challenge clients face is deciding just how far back to go!

LIP: Any safety tips?
NG: I always tell clients, especially those with lots of kids around to use secure hooks when hanging any type of wall art—photos included. Make sure to use two hooks, equally spaced apart to keep the artwork steady on the wall.

lauren debellis

A former magazine editor, Lauren DeBellis has been writing and producing stories about home decorating and design for nearly ten years. She resides in East Northport with her husband.