Flagging February

Let me start with two words: BLING BLING. This issue is sparkling with diamonds! Diamonds, oh how i love thee. Let me count the ways. One, two, three…13 pages of diamonds! I can already hear Marilyn in my head… “I dont mean rhinestones, but diamonds are a girl’s best friend.”

Speaking of diamonds, our cover story is a gem of hollywood, Mr Sundance himself. Our founder, Nada, our publisher and editor, has a great interview with Sundance Film Festival founder, Robert Redford. Find out what his favorite kinds of movies are and what he feels makes for good filmmaking—without all the bells and whistles (and whistle whistle he’s still got it!).

Speaking of fame, hello Carly Simon! Music Editor Steve Matteo interviews Carly who lets us in to her surprising stage fright. And yes, she gets into the “You’re So Vain” mystery. I know I have always wondered. whenever I hear that song, I think of those cliquey high school cheerleaders I stayed on opposite sides of the hallway from—I was more into the older, punk rockers. (so cliche at this point but nevertheless true).

And while we’re on the topic of image, this month’s spring fashion preview has me drooling over the looks those models are cascading down the runways in. Benito Fernandez has me all in a tizzy over the ruffles, peacock feathers and delicate details of one dress in particular. The bold, crisp colors and vintage inspired silhouettes in Tracy Reese’s designs are DIVINE. Check it out. This spread also has me dreaming about only what is to come for Fashion Week coming up in February, which I will be attending snapping and videoing away. Oh Nanette Lepore, how I need to obtain you. Ports, my old friends, I look forward to meeting you again…

I also have a looovee (well, ok, maybe obsession is more like) with interior decorating/design. Thrift stores and Pier One are my homes away from home. Unexpected vintage-y colors and yes wallpaper are right up there with Betsey Johnson Dresses and tattoos for me. Lauren Debellis explores how to Wake Up Your Walls this month as well as interviewing an art consultant for tips on how to display art in your home.

Time off? Well, I go to the movies almost every week. A bunch of us girls go to the cheapo $4 movies in Westhampton almost every tuesday. Unless of course something like New Moon is released before then and I pre-order our tickets online to ensure our seats like every teenager in America did. So about movies? Pulse’s Zach Napolitano gives us a preview of the big six for this year. I personally cant wait for Shutter Island and Alice in Wonderland—find out what they’re all about. Which leads me to my next topic, Attack of the Killer B’s. The artwork throughout this article displays everything I love about old skool thrillers besides the plot and special effects or, maybe, lack thereof. Damsels in distress, exorcisms, twisted plots, and some good old fashioned screams of terror really make me think of those things that go bump in the night.

Let me wrap things up with lions and elephants and baboons, oh my! Or Nada’s Serengeti photo essay. Yes, we have a double-header from our fearless publisher thins month. Take a look for yourself and you’ll get a glimpse of what and where she explored in a recent trip to Africa. A mixture of smiles and sadness passed as I studied the photographs in this spread. Smiles for the little boy waving to the camera and sadness for the a horrifying drought currently drying up the Serengeti. But smiles again for the herd of elephants migrating together amongst ostriches, baboons and lions. Did you know elephants mate for life and will often die of heartbreak when their mate has passed? think about that next time someone tickles the ivories…

As we get closer to warmer months, the anticipation of each new issue gets greater and greater, for many reasons. and I look forward to flagging them for you…

See you next month

melissa flagg

Melissa Flagg is in charge of Communications for LI Pulse. She is also a freelance photographer specializing in vintage automobiles. View her work at melissapopephoto.com