Travel Tips

Don’t keep cash in one basket
Stage your cash: Keep only a small amount of cash in your pocket.
ATMs are everywhere, even the most remote places.

Good Things in Small Packages
Small and boutique hotels are no less elegant or sophisticated than the large American chains. Venture into new territory and be rewarded with personal attention, intimate settings and best of all, you’ll have an authentic experience mixing with locals and international jetsetters.

Jet Lag
The best thing is to get into the destination time zone before you leave. Example: New Yorkers going to Europe (6 hours ahead), get into your rhythm the day before by going to sleep and waking up earlier. Then sleep on the plane.

Jet Lag Remedies
While sleep and rest are the only way
to cure jet lag, these will help you
feel better:
• Ginger
• Apples
• Naturally squeezed lemon juice

Negotiate for souvenirs
Like at the flea market, haggling street vendors is a skill worth knowing. Depending on where you are, start at 10% of whatever price is offered. Really. We’re not kidding. You’ll be happily surprised.

Pack light
You don’t need Her Royal Highness’ match luggage. Remember that even many of the most budget motels supply shampoo and soap. Sparing the toiletries from your packing can save space and weight (both suffering increased restrictions on airlines).

Photocopy your passport
Keep copies of travel papers somewhere safe (not tucked in your passport). If you lose them, the photocopies will make it easier to get a replacement.
Skip the Royale with Cheese
A Quarter Pounder on Long Island tastes the same anywhere, find some local gourmet. Most important: Small local eateries are healthier and make a buck go longer. Just scrutinize cleanliness of staff and venue!

Shop Around
Online travel sites can be a good place to find deals but don’t be afraid to contact a travel agent as well. Agents deal in volume and are often privy to discounts and upgrades not found elsewhere.

To tip or not to tip
Be aware of the gratuity custom in the locale you’re visiting.