Portrait of A Supercar: Porsche Panamera

Once you’ve experienced it, the feeling of coursing through curving European roadways is one that will stay with you forever. When you drive a Porsche, this is the feeling you get every time, no matter where you are. The carmaker is internationally lauded for producing vehicles that are profound, not brash, sophisticated, not fussy. The leader in roadsters and racing vehicles branched out in recent years with an SUV and now they are storming a new field of models. Think it’s blindly ambitious for a sports car maker to pursue developing a 4-door premium sedan? This is Porsche: Ambitious yes, blind, no. But then again you’d have to know one. The new Panamera is so distinctive, well, it speaks for itself…


I am the response to those who want performance in a premium sedan, but the elegance and sophistication of an estate car. My designs are not just beautiful, they are also functional. This is the essence of the harmony you feel between the power of my engines and the ease of my handling.

I hail from a specific mold: Ferry Porsche believed that “for something to endure, it must be unique.” This is what makes Porsche timeless. And the same is true of me. My wings are higher than my hood but my proportions are low, streamlined and muscular, iconic, no gimmicks.

Extraordinary aerodynamics gives me a sleek look, but my shoulders are braün. That’s European for an automobile that has the character to handle cliff-high hairpin turns, but the style to park astride a classic villa. This is how we live in my part of Europe. I am part of a tradition that dates to the earliest of racing history. Modernity, technology, innovation…these words are not contrary to my litany, they are part of it.

Once seated in my embossed leather, you become my pupil. Superior engineering gives you confidence—you sense my racing heritage—gears change smoothly, the flow of power is seamless under even the most accelerated scenarios. And despite ill-cared for Long Island roads, you won’t feel a thing thanks to my unique steel spring suspension—it comes standard.


This is not about driving; it’s about an automotive experience—around the block, into the city, out to the country. Emotional? Perhaps. But I have the muscle to back it up. And besides, women love me.

4.8-liter, naturally aspirated V8
400 hp @ 6,500 rpm
Performance: 175 mph Top Track Speed, 0-60mph in 5.2s
Fuel: 24mpg (highway)
Wheels are light and open for aesthetics and also for enhanced
performance and break ventilation
MSRP: $89,800—$132,600