Flagging March

I know I have said this before but this is my favorite Pulse cover yet! It’s striking for a number of reasons. One is the semi monochromatic tone it displays with the white background, metallic silver text, and black dress. mmm hot. Two is the model herself looking fierce with dark eye makeup and killer black ensemble. Thank you Gary Lupton! Actually, come to think of it, all of my favorite covers and fashion shoots are ones that Gary worked. And I MUST, I repeat MUST find out where I can get my blue nailed mitts on those earrings! Come on, those spikes are divine!

Turn a couple of pages to the Radley London ad – just dreamy. The bike? I have the same one (but mine is painted in purple metal flake, has a motor and highboy handle bars. Oh and it even says Lucky Flagg on it—see attached). But still. Imagine a world where all of the buildings were painted in that turquoise! I guess this is what you get from this funky new import that’s been all the rage in London. See it first hand when Pulse teams up with them for an in store event on March 16. Hey, that’s tonight!

Speaking of living in a dream, I wish I could look out of my window and see flowers made of brightly colored shoes like in the Simon Malls ad. Shopping would be a whole other experience! You would say: Oh I love your shoes! Where did you get them? My reply: Oh just down the road in the Betsy Johnson patch next to the Jimmy Choo Courtyard…

But I’m all over the Black Attack fashion spread. One word: Badass. OK, another word: Gary Lupton. From the shoes (which at this point I can’t walk in, but hope to some day master) to the teezed hair style. Not just the height of the heel, the geometric cut outs and straps are super mod. Everything is very bold and geometric from the shoes to the fishnets to the triangular purple earrings in the first shot. This modern spread shows that fashion and design have no limitations today. Anything is possible.

The Firing Mary fiction piece is slightly disturbing…I love it. I flew through it because, let’s face it, trauma keeps your eyeballs glued to the page and leaves you wanting more. We are blessed with morbid curiosity! The artwork is completely fitting. The menu of sexism, loneliness, incompetence amongst other dishes is very cheeky. Kudos Zig, our featured artist this month! Plus the images and colors used creates a very vintage feel.

So, it’s March and I haven’t done my taxes yet. Have you? Check out Tax Flash for some tips on preparing for the annual visit to your accountant. March also means warmer weather is upon us! And St. Patricks’s Day is on the horizon. We featured artwork by a certain Irishman in Irish People, Irish Places. Check it out. I’ll Flagg you next month in the Real Estate Issue.


melissa flagg

Melissa Flagg is in charge of Communications for LI Pulse. She is also a freelance photographer specializing in vintage automobiles. View her work at melissapopephoto.com