Spa Week

I’m sure you’ve heard of Restaurant Week, but have you heard of Spa Week? The week of April 12-18 marks the 12th edition of the Spa Week Event, a campaign to “introduce a new generation of consumers to the benefits of a healthy lifestyle,” according to their press release. They have a good point. Spa services certainly enhance our appearance, but they also offer some of the best (and most enjoyable) stress-busting and immune-boosting options out there. With over 800 spas across the nation and Canada participating by offering a selection of their treatments for only $50, more people will be able to take advantage of these benefits.

One local participant, Spa 85, is tucked into a storefront on Main Street in downtown Bay Shore. Behind a bustling salon is a serene getaway of a spa. I tried two of the treatments they will be offering at Spa Week prices and I strongly recommend them.

First, I relaxed in my robe and slippers in the tranquil Meditation Room with herbal tea, cucumber water and small decadent brownie bites—a nice change from fruit. Chocolate is never a bad choice in my book.

The treatment room held a Swiss shower and an incredibly comfortable, heated (this is key in the winter) spa table. Lisa, a licensed esthetician, gave me the Litho-Cal Body Peel, a gentle massage with a seaweed body peel that serves as an exfoliate and oxygenator. After washing off the green product in the shower, she applied a hydration lotion, again with her incredibly soothing touch.

Once the body treatment was completed, I remained tucked in on the table and Lisa gave me Spa 85’s new signature facial, the Refineé Skin Rejuvenating Facial. The anti-aging Refineé products she used contain peptides, a popular ingredient in skin care that triggers your skin to produce collagen. I have seen great results with this ingredient before; this time was no exception. Thanks to Lisa’s skill and these quality products, my face was clear and glowing and my body was silky and refreshed for days. And no drug can provide the serenity that two hours of such pampering does!

Both of these treatments are available for $50 each as part of Spa Week, but Spa 85’s regular prices are quite reasonable. With 30 participating Spa Week spas in Nassau and Suffolk, it shouldn’t be hard to find one near you. Check out for a full listing.

toni munna

Toni Munna is a native Long Islander who is always on the lookout for products that fulfill their promise to firm, hydrate, slim, soothe, de-wrinkle, plump, relax, de-stress, and just generally make you look and feel better. She a firm believer that wellness enhances beauty and has been testing beauty products and reviewing spas for you since the fall of 2006. You can reach her with questions at