April Letters to the Editor

Re: Firing Mary
First let me say I enjoyed this story [Firing Mary]. I realize the cloudiness of the day filtering in through the bay window back lighting my laptop may be coloring my perception of this story, but, to me, it had a feeling of the underbelly of a society that breathes in smoke and belches out despair. I have worked in the Restaurant/Bar industry and know the hardness, heartache, and lack of compassion that can be a part of a schedule that leaves no room for ineptitude; rather, expecting knowledge without training, and no second chances for the novice. After all, it’s a business. This story had that feeling and the who-dun-it of an Ellery Queen short in the 70s and 80s. Poor Mary and poor, poor Glen.
Paula Shene, author, Mandy The Alpha Dog


Dear Nada,
I’ve been enjoying your magazine for a while and I really had fun reading Dan Simone’s articles on authors. But I was surprised not to see it in the March issue. Has it been discontinued? Hope not!
All the best,
Ian Masterson, Bay Shore

ed note: fear not, ian, between the lines is back this month covering novelist amy bloom.

Dear Dr. Love,
I am writing in reference to your response to “Sheila” article War Games of Love, March 2010 issue. It was clear to me that you failed to properly address the point Sheila was trying to make. While your tangents were valuable, they were not pertinent to Sheila’s question. You assumed Sheila ordered a filet mignon, lobster and three martinis, or the equivalent $$. It is obvious that her date did not properly research the restaurant he was taking her to beforehand. Had he done so, he would not have been “check shocked.” It illustrates poor qualities in a potential partner, such as ignorance, laziness and insensitivity. He should have pulled out the plastic and kept the moaning and groaning to himself. He had one chance to make a good impression and he blew it! Your overall response gave me the impression that you feel most “dating” women are desperate, and should be willing to sit back and accept every situation. My advice to Sheila, throw this bASS back in the water and go fishing off another pier!
Savvy Sisters, Syosset