Artesian Spirit

Figs have been revered by mortals and gods since time immemorial. They are a perfect accompaniment to almost any food, rich in good things like calcium and iron, and so special they virtually disintegrate when past ripeness. Just in time for the warmer months (and lighter fare) enter Figenza Mediterranean vodka. Made with real figs and triple distilled for a unique smooth taste, this spirit can stand on its own or be matched with other favorites to create a unique, classy sipper. Available for some time in chic cities like London, Paris, Milan and Barcelona, Figenza has now made a NY debut and is available by fine purveyors of spirits or online. Good recipes include:

Figenza on the Hudson (great for cocktail hour or with tapas)
3 oz Figenza
1 oz Chambord
Splash of pineapple juice

Fignilla (for Cosmo drinkers seeking the next trend in elegant cocktails)
3 oz Figenza
1 oz vanilla vodka
Splash of amaretto

And if you’re the kind of guy who worries what his friends think of his softer side, order a:
Friend of the Devil
3 oz Figenza
1.5 oz plum wine
1 oz grapefruit juice
3 dashes of orange bitters
1 dash of absinthe
(Grateful Dead music optional)