Ray Enners Award site

If you’re a lacrosse enthusiast, you’re probably familiar with the name Ray Enners. There are multiple awards named after the American hero, who in 1968 sacrificed his life in Vietnam to save another Army solider. Ironically, like Enners, the solider he saved was also from Long Island.

Since 1970, the Lt. Ray Enners Award has been given to the top Suffolk County high school lacrosse player each year. However, the award is not handed to the player with the most goals or points, it’s meant to signify leadership and quality.

Over the past few months, I’ve been working with the folks who own the URL www.RayEnnersAwardWinners.com to build the site and construct profiles about every winner, as well as a feature about the award and Enners, who played lacrosse Half Hollow Hills and West Point.

Check out the site and learn about a true American and Long Island hero.

cal hunter

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