Pulse Products for Men

Scent of a Man | We won’t begrudge you your manly summer activities. Go ahead, very seriously light that BBQ. Set up the bug zapper with a straight face. But when it comes to your cologne, please, lighten up! Summer calls for more refreshing scents with fruity top notes, like Burberry Sport for Men ($72 for 2.5 oz. introduced in February). It boasts ginger, grapefruit and wheat, with a heart of juniper berries and a base of dry amber and cedar. The perfect complement for strolling or dining outside on a warm night, the collector’s edition of L’eau d’Issey pour Homme by Issey Miyake ($68 for 3.3 oz.) is packaged in real beach wood, with warm and spicy notes of mandarin orange, nutmeg and Tahitian vetiver. And courtesy of John Varvatos, the limited edition Artisan Black ($78 for 4.2 oz., going fast) is refreshing with sensual woody and leather accents. All available at Bloomingdales.

Suspended in Time | Suspenders or “braces” to the British, call them what you will—but for fashion’s sake, please wear them right. What’s right? Never subjecting your britches to both a belt and suspenders. If you’re going to Larry King it, make him proud and clip those babies straight on, buy trousers with buttons attached for the tabs or have a tailor sew buttons onto the waistband. Suspenders range from $40-$65 depending on the quality and designer (Albert Thurston is Gordon Gekko’s go-to guy), and it could run you up to $200 for custom tailoring. Pre-World War I, it was considered gauche to flaunt one’s slack-hoisters, but today it’s fine and in fact quite manly to let your glossy, bright, classic, polka-dotted or demure braces proudly be displayed.

A Flannel for All Seasons | That wintery image you have of wearing flannel in front of a roaring fire has gone up in smoke. Close your eyes and picture yourself sipping your morning coffee on the front porch of your summer house in this updated version of fashion’s most enduring staple. Cleaner cuts and crisper, lighter fabrics like the ones shown here from Lucky Jeans ($50-$75 each) might not impress lumberjacks, but the rugged (and well dressed) man will approve. And now that you’re the proud owner of spring’s more versatile look? Do a simple front-tuck for a laid-back attitude or let it hang lose under a cardigan for a preppy-meets-hipster look. Wear them alone or layer them with tees or another collared shirt underneath. These button-downs work well with slacks, chinos, jeans and even shorts. The bolder man will pair them with a patterned Bermuda, but that is not encouraged.