Clean, Healthy Air at Home

Would you be surprised to learn that the air you’re breathing in your own home could contain mold spores that can be dangerous to your health? Over this long, snowy winter your home may have been affected by seeping moisture or water that can cause mold, mildew and long-term damage to your home if not promptly and properly taken care of. Common causes of water damage after the winter are clogged gutters or ground that is saturated by melting snow and allows water to seep through walls that haven’t been waterproofed. If your home has been affected by water damage this winter, spring is the time to make the repairs and take the steps to prevent future water damage.

Some signs of water damage are hidden. There are certain things to look out for when inspecting your home. Mold is a clear indicator of water damage and is typically found on walls, and can result in a mildew odor throughout your home. Check ceilings, exterior walls and around windows and doors for water stains, and examine flooring in bathrooms and around kitchen appliances like dishwashers for signs of warping floors. Once you pinpoint the effects of water damage, you’ll need to determine the source(s) and decide if you can fix the damage yourself or if you’ll need professional help. If you have mold in your home, hiring a professional company such as PuroFirst of Long Island for mold remediation services is the best way to ensure that mold spores are removed properly and your home is left with clean, healthy air. PuroFirst of Long Island works with a hygienist to determine the cause of the mold, remove the mold and put a plan into place to prevent future mold and water damage.

The most important step to take if you are faced with water damage is to dry out your home to prevent mold from growing and damage from becoming worse. You may be able to perform some do-it-yourself repairs on your home such as using a water vacuum and a dehumidifier to remove water from carpets and the air. Taking swift steps to inspect and then repair water damage in your home will not only help prevent additional damage, but will also make your home a healthier place.