Eric and the Sliders will light up KJ Farrell’s

Pick me up on Abbey Road

So I know just where to go…

–from “City Lights”

Fresh off the heels of their first Bamboozle Music Festival at the Meadowlands in New Jersey, the Merrick-based band Eric and the Sliders (EATS) will be playing KJ Farrell’s in Bellmore on Saturday, May 22nd. The pop-rock-blues quartet were the winners of the Break Contest, wherein they competed against 20 bands in each of two rounds to get the chance to play Bamboozle with the likes of Weezer and Paramore. (Fellow indie LI’ers, All the Day Holiday, also won a spot in the fest.)

Formerly in a jam band covering rock classics by artists like Santana, Zeppelin and Billy Joel, the twenty-year-olds eventually began introducing original tunes penned by their Cornell-schooled lead singer, Eric Goldberg. The Sliders’ self-titled debut is a catchy mix of guitar and piano-infused pop songs—that sometimes rock. While “Way She Moves” features soothing ocean sounds and Jack Johnson-style vocals, “Subway Song” has some John Mayer-esque guitar solos.

And, yes, the name Eric and the Sliders is related to food. Drummer JD Yarosh elaborates: “We came up with the name because, after practicing in the summer, we would all cram into the car and go to White Castle. We started discussing why sliders are called sliders, and just like that, our name was born. Eric is the frontman/songwriter so we put his name in the title to give it more of a throwback feel.”

Try and catch EATS when they play one of their energetic shows on Long Island, or in the city. For more live dates:

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