The Red Zone


Moules et Frites
(516) 802-0713, Syosset
It’s no secret that my palate has been known to go Lady Gaga over Belgian beer. Wait—what? You already see the set-up? Fine. I won’t mention some of Moules’ taps, like Koningshoeven Quad or Troubadour Obscura, and I won’t say they make me sing “Ga-ga-ooh-la-la.” Oops.

Koenig’s Restaurant
(516) 354-2300, Floral Park
Hi Koenig’s! I see you from above while passing on the Long Island Rail Road (Ronkonkoma line) each and every day! Ahem. Sorry. Floral Park family-style mainstay since forever. Go there for the feeling of home. And for the German cuisine/beer.

D.J. Houdek’s Restaurant & Tap Room
(516) 223-3344, Baldwin
Lots of quirky theme nights (one in particular featured Monty Python some months back), bottle/well specials and pub grub.


Sage Cafe
(631) 363-9562, Blue Point
Turtles! And goldfish that look like bodybuilders! Love that. Oh, and several Blue Point taps, including a cask! Love that, too.

F.H. Riley’s
(631) 271-7600, Huntington
It’s a shame that draft blends aren’t offered up at more establishments. I mean, you really can’t go wrong with a Mutt (Guinness & Spaten) on a warm summer evening. Thank you, F.H. Riley’s.

John Harvard’s Brew House
(631) 979-2739, Lake Grove
Think Heartland Brewery, but for us Lawn Guylanders. Seasonal brews for practically every month, so you’ll never have an excuse not to return.