Goose Island Dinner/ Summer Poker League

Two thingies for T.J. Finley’s in Bayshore this week.

First thingie = a Goose Island dinner this Wednesday, 6/9, starting at 7:00PM.

The event will be five courses (the beer/entree pairings are located on the image above), at a price of $50.00 per person.

Be sure to RSVP beforehand. Only thirty seats are available.


Second thingie = the start of T.J.’s summer poker league tonight, 6/7, at 8:00PM.

The league will be completely free to participate in, and will run every Monday night throughout the summer.

I’m going to take the liberty of adding a third thingie to this blog entry.



Third thingie = bye.

T.J. Finley’s: 631-647-4856;

niko krommydas

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