Blind Bat Brewery Update

An update on Blind Bat Brewery (courtesy of the brewery’s newsletter), the part-time, one-man nano project of Paul Dlugokencky’s running out ofCenterport, can be found below.

“Summer is approaching, and finally so will be some Blind Bat beer. I’ve been spending the last six months rebuilding the little nanobrewery, and while the new system is not quite ready to be fired up, it will be soon. 2009 saw a little bit of beer flowing from my ten-gallon system, the new system will allow me to brew about nine times as much beer per batch (93 gallons, or 3 barrels). Still relatively small in the brewery world, but bigger for me.

First out from the new system will be the Beached Blonde, which is a Belgian-inspired blonde alebrewed primarily with Continental Pilsner malt with additions of cardamom and coriander. A Belgian yeast adds additional character to a 4.5% ABV “sessionable” Summer ale. Word on when and where to follow, but it will be sometime in July by the time the beer is ready.”

Paul goes on to mention that he’ll be bringing some beer brewed on the old ten-gallon system to Bellport Dave’s charity event on June 10th, being held at the Bellport Country Club. Expect Beached Blonde, as well as Vlad the Inhaler (a revival of “a nearly extinct Polish style of beer” that is smoked over oak), to be present at the benefit.

And if that wasn’t enough for all of you Blind Bat fans, I also got a chance to talk with Paul this week about the brewery’s plans for the remainder of 2010. Here’s what he had to say:

“After the Beached Blonde, I’m planning on getting the Old Walt Smoked Wit out for Summer and early Fall. The Hellsmoke Porter will be back out in 2010 as well. The Fall will see the Hellsmoke Porter, and the Long Island Potato Stout will be out after the local potato harvest. There may be some new things out later this year, too — but it depends on how test batches turn out.”

I’m looking forward to tasting the BB brews this Thursday, at Dave’s charity event. If you haven’t picked up your ticket, or have no idea what this event even pertains to, scroll down to the blog entry titled “Bellport Charity Beer, Wine & Food Tasting Fundraiser.”

You’ll thank me later.

Blind Bat Brewery:

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