Hofstra alum Colon out for season with Steelers

How many times is the Hofstra football program going to take a hit? Every month it seems a new piece of information comes out with negative connotations regarding the Pride gridiron gang – or what’s left of it after the University did away with the program in December.

Hofstra alum and Pittsburgh Steelers right tackle Willie Colon suffered an Achilles injury while working out Monday, the Steelers reported. Colon, who has started 50 straight games and won a Super Bowl with the Steelers in 2008, is out for the entire 2010 NFL season.

He is scheduled for surgery Wednesday, the team said.

Marques Colston winning the Super Bowl with New Orleans was a bright and shining light of hope for HU football fans. When Hofstra coach Joe Gardi passed away recently it may have stung the most and now with Colon on the sidelines for a year, Colston and the few Hofstra alums representing the University in the NFL will have to step their games up.

cal hunter

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