Portrait of a Supercar: 2011 Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG

Ever get that feeling when a sports car breezes past you on the Long Island Expressway? A feeling of annoyance? Of injustice maybe? Of, well, let’s call a spade a spade: Envy? It’s ok, it’s not your fault: I can’t help pushing my 6.3 liter, 563-horsepower, V-8 beast of an engine in your face.

The brochures don’t just say 0-60 mph in 3.7 seconds for nothing (197 mph top speed, by the way). I’m the Mercedes Benz SLS AMG and I’m here to create a revolution.

Originally known as the Gullwing because of my unique door configuration, I’ve been making my name on the sports car scene since the 1950s. From ‘54-’57 I was the crown jewel.

Perhaps my most lovable feature is the doors that swing up 70 degrees. This requires less effort than normal coupe doors and they can be opened inside a garage if you’re wondering.

I know you’ve seen my older model before. Just because I have a new edition out in 2011, it doesn’t mean you’re not familiar with my evolving capabilities. Where was it that you first saw me? Movies? Magazine covers? Auto-show carpet? It doesn’t matter really, because every time you see me your breath squeezes from your lungs slowly, exhaling in ceremonial jubilation like it’s the first.

Picture yourself opening my door. Looking around with that devilish grin as you crouch in slowly. Don’t worry. It happens to everyone, this guilty rush of pleasure that pumps through your veins. The same kind as when you think about—well you know.

My exhaust acts as a key component to the engine and the steel-pipe fan-type mechanisms help with cylinder charging. With a long wheelbase, short rear and extendable rear spoiler, my design speaks modernism in every language.

Then there’s my dry sump lubrication.It helps with the lower positioning of the engine, which has proved to provide elements of efficiency in driving dynamics. Wheel location and suspension function separately thanks to my double-wishbone axle.

As for my interior, it’s smooth and crisp and complements my dashing exterior. It’s dominant yet sleek. My gill-like sides protrude throughout my design and carve an identity.
I’m a car with the distinct personality you can’t find in most humans. Drive me. Live me. Love me.

6.3 liter, front-mid V8 engine
563 hp at 6,800 rpm
Rated torque: 479 lb. –ft. at 4,750 rpm
Operation: Automatic/manual
Top speed: 197 mph
0-60 mph in 3.7 sec
MSRP: $183,000
Available at Rallye Motors, Northern Blvd, Roslyn

cal hunter

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