Mac King’s Campfire Magic

You’ve got big plans this summer. You’re going to ride your bike everywhere you can, all the time. You might be able to pick up a few dollars by mowing lawns or babysitting. Oh, and your family has that big camping trip coming up and Mom said you could bring a friend.

You love to go camping but sometimes it gets a little boring. Not any more, if you’ve got Mac King’s Campfire Magic by Mac King (illustrations by Bill King) in your backpack.

In his introduction, Mac King says he firmly believes everyone should know “at least one cool trick or stunt.” But you can’t just try it once or twice and expect to perform in front of an audience right away. Becoming amazing won’t happen fast because there is no such thing as a (decent) trick that doesn’t take practice.

Warn everybody now. You’re about to become awesome…

You might have some rope in your knapsack; if you don’t, you’ll undoubtedly be able to find some lying around the campground. There are five rope tricks in this book, from easy to complicated-but-cool, including one where you cut an adult “in half.” Pack a deck of cards, by the way, because there are card tricks in this book, too.

But let’s say you forgot all your special props. Now what?

You’re still in luck. Mac King’s Campfire Magic includes stunts you can do with things in the forest, tricks that use everyday objects your parents will have around (like coins and pencils), cool things you can do with recyclables and stunts that only require your powerful, wonderful, magical brain!

Got a kid who treats any light—even campfire—as limelight? Then you’ve absolutely got to pack Mac King’s Campfire Magic in the camper next time you head out.

Even kids who have never practiced prestidigitation before will find things they can do in this book, all with easy step-by-step directions and pointers to ensure they don’t get frustrated. The best part—for kids and adults alike—is that many of the tricks author and performer Mac King includes here are fresh and very un-stale.

If your 7-to-12-year-old loves camping and the spotlight equally, and if you need an “in case it rains” diversion for your next outdoors trip, you’re going to want Mac King’s Campfire Magic in your knapsack. Give your kids this book and watch time disappear.