Portrait of a Supercar: 2011 Mercedes SL 63

Move over SL 55, hello me. The 2011 Mercedes SL 63 is a more powerful and larger model of the already stunning roadster.

I read somewhere that I offer a ride equivalent to “perfection in motion.” Quite true. As one of the most technologically sound vehicles on the market and especially of the SL series, there’s a fine line between luxury and performance with me.

Go ahead and choose between the breezy, wind infused ride with the top down—it goes up or down in 16 seconds—or the quiet, calm glide of being enclosed. I dare you. I am the epitome of an open-air roadster. With my new AIRSCARF system, top-down driving in colder temperatures is now a possibility. The feature provides a built up heating system in the driver and passenger seats and a button on the door allows for heat to whip around the head restraints, literally like a scarf.

Then there’s the engine. The one that revs to the point of pushing 0 to 60 in 4.5 seconds. The one that has power ratings of 518 horsepower at 6,800 rpms. The one that is now 6.3 liters, instead of just 5.5 (that’s how I get the 63 moniker).

I’m also the first Mercedes to receive the new AMG-developed Speedshift Multi-Clutch Transmission—a seven-speed automatic transmission that makes it effortless to change gears when cruising, featuring four shift patterns from comfort and sport to sport plus and manual. The new feature allows for more expedient shift times, less lag and healthier performance at higher speeds. Think Formula 1, but on the conventional road.

If you feel like treating yourself to the Performance Package you’ll be blown away by ceramic front brake discs, paddle shifters on the steering wheel and wider rear tires than normal.
My Intelligent Light System gives five settings ranging through various driving conditions to make for a safe voyage. Be sure to check out the bi-Xenon bulbs for headlamps—they look snazzy and make me see better at night.

With the AMG body, I’m always a step ahead. Even other roadsters can’t match-up. From my alloy wheels, a single-bar grille that draws the eye to the width of my body and a gearthier appearance than the SL 55, I’m overall one of the most formidable looking cars on the market.

The true test of a well-made sports car—especially a roadster like myself—is the ability to adapt to the dawdling crawl of a residential community or a swift paced highway. With the SL 63, there’s no major distinction. It’s one velvety ride with stability that could put a baby to sleep—even at triple-digit speeds.

Little will offer the same sensation you get as when you push the start button; a growl that captures even the mightiest lion. You’ll be hooked. Trust me.

MSRP: $140,000 Engine: 6.2 liters, 8 cylinder
Horsepower: 518
Max Horseposwer: 6,800 rpm
Zero-60 mph in 4.5 seconds
Torque: 465 ft-lbs., Max torque: 5,200 rpm
Fuel: 21.1 gal tank/ 19 mpg highway

cal hunter

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