Beach Finds Transformed into Art

What can you find when walking along the beach? Artist Megan Barron decided to find out. For 365 days, she walked the beaches of Long Island. She picked up what she saw and made a visual diary of her findings.

The result is the exhibition Wrack Line. The show’s on view at South Street Gallery in Greenport through August 16. It can be viewed online at or

Predictably, there are plenty of shells. Ms. Barron also found spent gun shells, pottery shards, squished bottles and cans, plastic beach toys, lighters and feathers. The acrylic renderings include driftwood, pencils, a fishing hook and wire, plastic combs, a rusted iron and a vacuum bag.

The items are displayed on backgrounds of torn book pages, colored or white backgrounds or patterned paper. Taken as a whole, the objects appear to be data from a scientific experiment. The series was meant to reach towards larger issues of environment and the things that are easily discarded.

The South Street Gallery is located at 18 South Street, Greenport. For information, call 631-477-0021.

pat rogers

Pat Rogers is a freelance writer specializing in arts and culture on Long Island. When not going to art openings or interviewing actors or musicians, she’s looking for the next interesting story.