See the Sunrise Skyline at Boulton and TJ Finley’s

Their music has been described as the love child of the Black Crowes and the Counting Crows, but Sunrise Skyline has an eclectic sound which can be heard on their latest full-length, “Hey Friend…” The LI natives have been together for nearly three years, and rhythm guitarist Nick Petrillo says their name reflects their roots—“as the sunrise comes from the east, and the skyline of the city is to the west.”

Influenced by Pearl Jam and the Dave Matthews Band, the quintet also includes Anthony Pravata on lead guitar, Rob Caniglia on drums, Ken Cavallero on bass, and the Caleb Followill-esque sounding lead vocalist, Jon March. The band’s 11-track disc was recorded locally at On Track Recording Studios, and includes rockers like “High” and “Us,” along with some more melancholic songs like “Sunrise” and the cello-laden stand-out track, “Gone,” featuring Jon Preddice from local acoustic-folk-rock band Miles to Dayton on the cello.

Known for their captivating live performances, Sunrise Skyline is excited to play a sold-out show at the YMCA Boulton Center for the Performing Arts on Saturday, August, 14th, for their CD release party. If you don’t have a ticket to the Boulton, you can still head across the street for the after party at TJ Finley’s, where CD’s will be available for $10. And if you’re interested in the top shelf open bar from 10:30pm-1:30am, there will be a $35 cover at the door. So get ready to sit back and enjoy the Sunrise, because Petrillo says they’re ready to put LI bands and music back in the forefront: “The goal is to have someone be able to put our album on at a back yard party and just let it play all the way through and keep the mood flowing.” For more info check out:

lisa heffernan

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