Objects of Desire – Luxurious Leather

Little Pocket
When carrying around the entire briefcase isn’t necessary, Ermenegildo Zegna’s Heritage shiny alligator with soft calf lining document case, also known as a pochette (or little pocket), is the perfect lightweight and elegant vessel to keep the necessities safe and secure. Zegna’s Heritage line is made specifically for the serious man whose case is as important as his documents. Price up on request.

Dapper Digits
Glove wearing dates back to ancient times, and was even written about (depending upon the translation you read) in Homer’s The Odyssey. Of course Laertes didn’t have much of a style choice. But you, fine sir, do. And to combat cold and wage a battle against unfashionable hand coverings, suede, cashmere and leather gloves are the only kinds you should reach for. Brioni’s purple Napa leather gloves may cost you an arm and a leg (top, $490), but just think about how toasty your fingers will be. Emenegildo Zegna’s leather blue cashmere lined gloves ($380) or camel suede gloves ($200) will also give you the upper hand. Besides, a quality glove means you have an improved grip when driving. How can you be expected to take life by the horns if you can’t really grab hold?

Good to Go
When the elegant man hits the gym after work, a duffle bag just won’t do. And when he goes away for work, bringing a mismatched set of suitcases is quite the business class scandal. Rather than tarnishing your image with a bag that’s past its prime, order up the filet mignon of leather travel bags. May we suggest the burgundy Brioni featured here? Whether you’re toting scuffed up shoes or delicate dress shirts, the innocent bystander will take one look at your luxurious luggage and assume you’re a man of upstanding character and impeccable taste. And isn’t that assumption alone worth $4,225?

Let’s Be Brief
If the clothes makes the man, then it is the briefcase that makes the man take charge. A good one carries an implied message: Take notice of my possesser. He’s probably a mover and shaker. And now that Fall is coming into swing, check your summer linen at the office door and set your style sights on a manly staple: Leather. In the 14th century, the word used to describe a briefcase was “budget” (from the Latin for “bulga” or leather bag) but today, the best of the best will cost you a very pretty penny. Ever wonder what it’d feel like to carry $18,425? So did Emenegildo Zegna, creator of this gorgeous double gusset alligator briefcase (right). And if gator’s not your bag, Brioni’s gleaming black calfskin ($4,445) or smart brown pebble grain single gusset ($4,245) might be the best way to bring out your inner Don Draper. Now go fix yourself an Old Fashioned, you handsome devil.