Time for croquet

John Jaques the Second, a manufacturer of sporting equipment, first delineated the current, enduring form of modern croquet in England in 1862. The Old World had varying versions of mallet-and-ball lawn games for hundreds, if not thousands of years before, but Jaques coalesced them all into what we know today as croquet. The objective is simpleā€”get the balls through a series of hoops embedded in the ground and against the peg before the other players and you win. There are six hoops, one peg and four balls in a standard croquet set, and the standard field. It is always black and blue balls versus red and yellow balls. A one-on-one match has each player maneuvering both balls, and two-on-two has each player controlling one ball. Plus, you get to whack your opponents. What better way to take in a warm afternoon?