Champion Consultants

The business world is full of talented individuals who continue to push the limits of their professions to new and exciting places. Occasionally, there are budding superstars among them. Those whose drive, insight and passion for what they do propels them to a place of leadership. They are who you want to call to get out of a jam, navigate choppy waters or even charter new grounds. They’ve done it for themselves, so well in fact, they’ve been tapped to do it for others. In the areas of operations, finance and sales, there are three whose track records are so good, you might already know who they are. Maybe you’ll even give them a call. At minimum, they are ones to watch, whether to learn from or just pay attention to—big things are bound to come from them.

Robert Basso—Operations
imageIf you receive an official paycheck from a Long Island company, chances are it will have the name Advantage Payroll Services on it. In 14 years, the Freeport-based company has become one of the top payroll, tax filing and processing firms in the region and co-owner Robert Basso played a big part in that. Basso has had success in entrepreneurial ventures even before his college graduation, and has won many awards and accolades, including being named valedictorian of the Long Island Business News’ 40 Under 40 Class of 2002.

Manhattan Entertainment Entrepreneur Joe Corcoran, of Joe Corcoran Productions refers to Rob as “an intelligent, driven and well rounded businessman. He has an uncanny ability to get to the root of a problem and ask the right questions, to see how a problem can be solved.” Basso manifests this skill as business advisor on his popular Internet show Basso on Business, accessible as a podcast, on Youtube and on his website On his show, he works with guests to develop solutions to the most pressing problems facing small business owners, such as time management, acquiring funds, how to sell your brand and more.

Basso says, “I now have a mission—no a passion—to help other business people navigate their way to success.”

Paul R. Homer—Finance
imageOne of the absolutes of business ownership is the axiom “it takes money to make money,” especially for a company just starting out. One of the top equity professionals on Long Island, who can provide such capital for both new businesses and in management buyout situations, is Paul R. Homer, Principal of Northwood Ventures in Syosset.

Homer’s investment management experience includes discerning financial trends, determining asset value, oversight and communications. John Caracciolo, CEO of JVC and Atlantic Broadcasting, one of Homer’s clients, declared, “Paul is one of the best finance executives I know. He is unique because he not only understands numbers, he understands the inner workings of companies, he gets to know the nuts and bolts of the operation, and he knows that you invest in people first, then look at the numbers and get them to work.”

Homer’s skills as a finance executive have led to an abundance of returns for Northwood’s portfolio companies in the communications, retail/consumer, manufacturing, and financial services sectors, altogether a management of more than $100 million.

Brian Parsley—Sales
imageThe glue that holds a company together and keeps the revenue flowing is a cohesive team and satisfied customers. Brian Parsley and his company Weskill can show you the best way to maintain these three crucial factors to success. Weskill specializes in organizational training, behavior development and educational design and Parsley is its President.

Parsley is a Certified Professional Behavior Analyst and in his worldwide presentations, he uses his experience as Chairman of a national online recruitment site to make his point. According to Parsley, there are five elements to the way a company operates that equals profit: Customer buying motives, employee loyalty, exceptional customer experiences, leadership and finding purpose in business and life.
What his clients, that are a veritable who’s who of successful companies, have noticed is Parsley’s authenticity—leadership guru Andrew C. commented, “[Brian] has succeeded in every endeavor he has ever taken on because he does all those things that he teaches—every single day…If your organization is looking for a truly exceptional speaker with great content, great presentation and a speaker who actually does what he says—talk to Brian.”