Portrait of a Supercar: 2011 Mercedes CL600 Coupe By Cal Hunter

Sleek and handsome, the 2011 Mercedes CL600 Coupe won’t make you think twice about making a grandiose car purchase. Built like a stallion, accompanying the capability of a sports car and the craftsmanship of a cruise ship, I am the Supercar that strides from 0 to 60 mph in 4.5 seconds.

Stealing a line from an Eminem song, “will the real Mercedes please stand up,” here I am. Even Slim Shady, in all his financial glory, would seek the option to purchase me, the epitome of a luxury vehicle that mixes innovative technology with world-class handling.

The 510-horsepower, 5.5-liter biturbo V-12 engine is enough to keep my engine purring like a mountain lion. With my driver-adaptive automatic transmission, harnessing 612 pounds of torque is seemingly too easy at times.
I’m going to get dirty now, er, technical I mean. My system’s low-end torque, which stems from two compact turbochargers help eliminate turbo lag and create a smoother sensation with thrust and acceleration. Then there’s the driver-adaptive design that adjusts its shift points depending upon a driver’s own style. Imagine that, a car that fits to your own distinctive feel.

My 5-speed automatic transmission was designed to handle heavy torque and dynamic differences in sport and comfort modes. Touch Shift technology helps with this. The CL’s command system offers control of audio, climate, telephone and navigation features. It does everything but, well, I won’t say it, but you can guess. The display, which can light the front seat at night it’s so bright, is lined perfectly with the driver’s sight line, creating a sense of safety and, yes, command.

Feel free to utilize the hands-free communication system via voice control or the entertainment system that allows you to watch DVDs. And thanks to a splitview functionality on my screen, the driver can use navigation features, while the passenger can enjoy that sitcom they’ve been laughing about for the last 20 minutes. My sound system picks up the audio and plays clearly throughout the vehicle. A remote control and wireless headphones are included so the passenger can keep to him or herself while you’re trying to enjoy the ride.

If you’re wondering about safety features, Mercedes has you covered. From my audible signal that warns you when a car is close on a potential turn, to an 11-way, 9-air bag program and unique radar system for parking, it’s like riding in a padded room.

In keeping with the Mercedes Benz look, the CL600 possesses an uninterrupted sweeping line that treks from the front grille to the taillights. I have one of the crispest physiques of any car on the market. From NBA superstars to quietly successful Wall Street executives, I’m the right fit for all breeds. Whether you think I’m an aggressively shaped muscle car thanks to flared wheel wells or dual chrome exhaust pipes, or a weekend cruiser to be utilized as a pleasure mobile with the explosive power that might only be tamable once in a blue moon, it all fits.

Once you sit inside my invigorating interior, or brush the palm of your hand on the hard shell of my out-of-this-world exterior it would take an army to keep you from taking me home.

MSRP: $154,400
Turbocharged 5.5-Liter, 60-Degree V12, 36-Valve, SOHC, SEFI Engine
Front Mounted With Horsepower of 510 at 5000 RPM
Torque of 612 at 1,800 RPM
5-Speed Electronically Controlled Manually Interactive Adaptive Automatic Transmission with Overdrive
0 to 60 mph in 4.5 seconds
Fuel: City 14 mpg, Highway 17 mpg

cal hunter

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