Weekend Getaways – Road Trip Survival Guide

Road Trip Gadgets

imageAirport Express $99
Stop racking up $9.95 a day wireless charges in hotel rooms and bring your own wireless Internet connection. Apple’s Airport Express plugs into an Ethernet cable that plugs into an unoccupied outlet wherever you are. When you fire up your computer, the transmitter shows up ready to be configured to your own private Wi-Fi domain.

imageTumi Ultra Slim Universal Power Adapter Kit $195
When we travel we want to travel light, but these days it’s nearly impossible with all of the electronic devices that each require an individual charger. However, those days may be in the past with the Tumi Ultra Slim Universal Power Adapter Kit, which comes with an array of tips that fit just about any laptop computer or USB device. The adaptor is light and sleek, perfect for a road trip.

imageReef stash sandals $20-$60
Stash sandals are exactly what the name infers: stash sandals. Instead of carrying around hotel keys, credit cards, crumpled $20 bills and waiting for them to get lost or stolen, why not stash them in your sandals? The secret tray in the sole slides out to hold personal items and slides back in to make sure no one knows they’re there. Stash sandals are comfortable enough to wear on the beach or around town, but their real utility is as a mobile safe.

imageSharper Image Travel Sound Machine $89.99
When you’re traveling, it can be hard to sleep in a strange room. The Sharper Image Travel Sound Machine boasts 17 sounds or white noise to help you catch Z’s on the road. There’s also a full-featured alarm clock, the ability to record voice memos and a headphone jack to further surround yourself with the sleep-inducing sound.

imageTravel Apps

imageTravel Booking Organization
iPhone: TripIt
Blackberry: WorldMate
Droid: FlightStats

iPhone: Groupon
Blackberry: Valpak Local Coupons
Droid: The Coupons

imageRecommended Things to Do and Places to Go
iPhone: Nextstop
Blackberry: Urban Tours
Droid: Where

imageRestaurants and Menus
iPhone: MenuLizard Mobile
Blackberry: LocalEats
Droid: LocalEats

imageVacation Blog
iPhone: miniBlogs.mobi
Blackberry: Bloglive
Droid: Trip Journal

imageTraffic Info
iPhone: iTraffix US
Blackberry: Beat the Traffic
Droid: Google Maps

Playlist: 5 songs you’ll love humming along to (without the campy “family singalong” feel).

“Runnin’ Down a Dream”—Tom Petty (actually the entire Wildflowers album is great driving music)
“Turn the Page”—Bob Seger, not Metallica
“On the Road Again”—Willie Nelson
“Truckin’”—Grateful Dead

Picnic Basket
If you’re driving west on the LIE past Exit 39, take a quick exit north on Glen Cove Road and make a quick stop at Kitchen Kabaret. You can load up on hot and cold food, drinks, coffee, pizza, pretty much anything you can think of—and it’s all quality food.

Water (in your own vessel, not a bunch of bottled water)
Fruit salad
Energy or granola bars
One bar of dark chocolate
(don’t leave locked in sun)