What’s a Family, really?

Home may be where the heart is but families are complicated.

To peel back some of the layers that make it so, artist and curator Jason Paradis selected art for the show, All in the Family, at the Islip Art Museum. The results reveal the layered realities that being part of a family can create.

Artists selected for the exhibition probed the subject in multiple ways. There is art that conjures traditions, the different types of family members, heritages and histories. Moments like a haircut and the big football game and the family dinner are depicted. So are the light and dark times that weave ambiguity into the experience of being part of a family.

All in the Family is the museum’s annual open call and invitational. The show includes works by 76 artists. Artwork includes figurative, conceptual and abstract. It remains on view through September 5.

The exhibition was curated to take advantage of the fact the Islip Art Museum is a former residence. Mr. Paradis pointed out the building’s former life as home helps develop the question: What is family?

Mr. Paradis was invited as the guest curator. His art has been exhibited in galleries and museums in the United States, Canada and Scotland. Venues include the Islip Art Museum, the Patchogue Arts Biennial, ConTemp Museum in Brooklyn, White Columns in New York and many others. He teaches at Stony Brook University.

The Islip Art Museum is located at 50 Irish Lane, East Islip. The group show, Project ’10, is on view at the Carriage House through September 26. The museum is open Wednesday through Sunday until 4 p.m. Suggested donation is $3. See www.islipartmuseum.org.

pat rogers

Pat Rogers is a freelance writer specializing in arts and culture on Long Island. When not going to art openings or interviewing actors or musicians, she’s looking for the next interesting story.