Belgium is Super Neat

In less than one week, your favorite Long Island beer blogger (is it weird that I secretly desire to be referred to as Blogga Khan?) will embark on a seven day journey through the Mecca of Beerlandia and all of its sacred lands; where Moses parted the Amber Ale Red Sea, and where Jesus Christ probably would have turned water into a Westvleteren 12, had he possessed the skill to perform such a feat.

That’s right, good sirs and madams—Niko Krommydas is headed to Belgium!

I visited the country briefly about three years ago during a post-university backpacking excursion, but that was prior to my discovery of “good beer,” thus no Trappist or other Belgian-style brews were consumed. This time around, I look forward to furthering my exploration of Belgium’s vast beer scene (which I have been learning quite a lot about over the last few years), while also spending my days wandering, absorbing, reflecting, writing, drawing, and -ing-ing-ing-ing-ing.

I expect one long-ass, intoxicated, introspective haze, and for that, I am bubbling with anticipation.

I have already started the process of piecing together my itinerary, which to be honest, will remain quite vague, as I dislike the idea of a structured trip where every single step is planned and thought out beforehand. I would rather let my explorative sense lead the way.

However, that’s not to say I don’t have my eye on some must-visit destinations.

One of those (pictured above, courtesy of Travlr’s Flickr account) is ‘t Brouwershuis, a Bed & Breakfast on the grounds of the Brouwerij St. Bernadus in Watou. The St. Bernardus Abt 12, a deliciously malty Quad, may be my favorite Belgian beer, so when I learned one could not only lodge near its brewery, but on the actual grounds, I quickly inquired about Brou’s vacancy during my stay. I am in the process of reserving a bed for one or two nights, which has me just a teeny-teeny-weenieeeee excitedsfijsdigjdskffgmdffdg (see: unlimited St. Bernardus brews included in the rates).


Can’t wait…for all of it.