Bocu Spa

For folks in the Commack area, Bocu Salon and Spa is a haven of beauty and wellness. I had an intensive five hours of pampering there recently that I just had to share with you.

It always amazes me to step from a bustling salon into a serene spa housed under the same roof. The manager of the spa, Margarita, was friendly and helpful, showing me into the spa, which was designed with an Old World European and Asian touches. A lovely, large stone water feature was the focal point of the main interior lobby, and the entire ambience was that of warmth and calm.

First up was a delicious aromatherapy steam for about 20 minutes to relax and open up the pores. Then Nerissa showed me into a treatment room and after lying on the special table, I was treated to a seaweed body wrap with a Vichy Shower. Seaweed detoxifies the body while infusing the skin with important nutrients. A weekly seaweed wrap can also help with joint pain, arthritis and water retention.

Nerissa covered my body in the seaweed mixture and encased me in four or five layers of plastic wrap. She then placed towels over me, covered my eyes and turned on the rack of overhead showers. The hot water pelted and soaked the towels and it was incredible! Then she turned off the shower and scooped up water from the “gutters” along the side of the table and poured it over me. For about 30 minutes, she alternated these two methods. Once unwrapped, she rinsed me off, applied a scrub, rinsed again and finished with a seaweed lotion. My skin felt incredible and I was relaxed to the point of rubbery limbs.

Jiae administered a facial in another room on a comfy table. She was very friendly and upbeat, and used a vigorous massage method. An unusual feature of this facial was a massage with what I thought were hot stones, but were actually round glass globes with handles and filled with liquid. If you’ve ever had a hot stone massage, imagine that feeling on your face. She followed this immediately with the same tools cooled down. I loved it!

My body and face were glowing and happy, and it was time for a mani-pedi in plush, comfy chairs facing the waterfall. Hands and feet were dipped in paraffin, and Mona explained how it helps deliver moisture more deeply. I was skeptical when she said it can take ten years off one’s hands, but I couldn’t argue with the results! Between the steam, body treatment and facial, by the time Mona was painting my fingers, which were resting on a pillow on my lap in the big comfy chair, I fell asleep! What is it with me and falling asleep in spas?

After a yummy light lunch, I had a wash and blowout from Kathleen to get rid of the inevitable “spa head” and I was on my way.

This was a day to remember! Even if you go for just one treatment, everyone there is so welcoming and friendly and the services are top-notch. Check it out and let me know what you think!

toni munna

Toni Munna is a native Long Islander who is always on the lookout for products that fulfill their promise to firm, hydrate, slim, soothe, de-wrinkle, plump, relax, de-stress, and just generally make you look and feel better. She a firm believer that wellness enhances beauty and has been testing beauty products and reviewing spas for you since the fall of 2006. You can reach her with questions at