Expert Q & A: Castro Convertibles back in business

After a 10-year hiatus, New Hyde Park-based Castro Convertibles is back and has launched a new product that’s both attractive and functional. Bernadette Castro, daughter of founder Bernard Castro talked with us about bringing back the brand and why we’ll be seeing a lot more of her granddaughters.

LIP: Congratulations on the re-launch of Castro Convertibles! Tell us about your plans.
BC: Thank you. My family and I are so happy to introduce the new Convertible Ottoman. It converts into a single 75-inch long bed and is perfect for a child or adult. We love how versatile it is. You can top it off with a tray and use it as a coffee table, for extra seating and then of course, as restful spot for overnight guests. It comes with a removable slipcover and has a five-inch thick Castropedic mattress that is supported by wooden slats, so it’s really very comfortable. Right now, it is retailing for $499 with free shipping.

LIP: That sounds so great. Why did you choose to manufacture an ottoman?
BC: When we started planning three years ago, I didn’t find anything at a comparable price that was both well made and comfortable. My father’s philosophy was that all of his products had to be made for nightly sleeping. Back then many first-time parents living in a small New York City apartment had to give up their bedroom when the baby came and they would use our original convertible sofas as their bed. That need for space or additional space is still so relevant today.

LIP: There is a lot of downsizing happening these days. Was that part of what prompted you to re-launch now?
BC: There is definitely an unbelievable opportunity for us right now. Certainly the economy has enabled people once again to focus on their needs rather than their wants. imageSaving living space is a critical need for everyone. We’re all looking to do more with the space we have. You know, it is ironic that my dad started the business back in a day when space was also at a premium and now here we are again. Even though our focus right now is on the Convertible Ottoman, we’re planning to move forward with convertible sofas in the future.

LIP: You were in the company’s original television commercial, which was quite famous. Any similar plans this time around?
BC: My granddaughters, my daughter’s daughters, Grace and Georgia will be appearing in our advertising, teaching a new generation of customers just how easy it is to open our Convertible Ottoman! It’s very special and we are all excited about it. I have four kids and eight grandkids and family is so important to us. We understand the importance of bringing families together and we hope that is what we achieve with our products.

LIP: What do you think your father would think of all of this?
BC: My dad is certainly smiling from heaven, thinking to himself “She’s back!”

You can find more information about Castro Convertibles at the company website:

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