Hofstra’s Kyle Arrington Starts for Patriots

Hofstra football may be dead, but its remnants in the pro ranks are flourishing.

Cornerback Kyle Arrington made his first professional start for the New England Patriots Sunday in a 38-30 win over the Buffalo Bills.

A special teams stud last season, Arrington finished with 18 tackles after being promoted to the 53-man roster from the practice squad.

Sunday, he made three tackles and allowed a 37-yard touchdown to Bills receiver Steve Johnson.

“Kyle has been practicing well,” Patriots coach Bill Belichick told the Boston Herald, “so we thought we’d give him an opportunity there. Early in the game he made a couple plays, so we kind of stayed with it.”

He told the Herald he hydrated all weekend, along with keeping his emotions in check.

“My dad was asking, ‘Are you nervous, are you ready?’ ” Arrington said. “I was telling him, ‘Just another day at the office.’ After the kickoff, I was OK.”

The high point of his start came when he blocked a second-quarter pass to Lee Evans in the end zone.

“I just wanted to go out and do my job, do what was asked of me,” Arrington said in an interview with NESN. “I felt like I kind of made a couple plays early. Therefore, it was a little easier for me to relax and be into the game. I thank the coaches for trusting me and leaving me out there.

It’s funny because deep inside you kind of get butterflies a little bit, especially making your debut as a starting defensive player.”

cal hunter

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