Portrait of a Supercar: Maserati Quattroporte Sport GT S

Isn’t it fitting that I’d be featured as the car of choice for the magazine issue of items that embody “coolness?” Indeed.

Consuming the streets with a sportier snarl that preserves the veracity of Maserati’s original Quattroporte design, the Sport GT S makes me one of the hottest, yet distinguished, high-end vehicles on the market.
With an engine that can burst at 440 HP and 7,000 rpm, the level of performance is unmatched, especially when modifications in the electronic control parameters and racing exhaust system are considered. My system is controlled by air valves which open in sport mode to reduce back-pressure in the exhaust, thus creating a boisterous roar even at low speeds and of course a powerful buxom growl when increasing in numbers.

The new grille on the 2011 model is reminiscent of the GranTurismo, my sister car, offering a wider appeal and sleekness. Framed by new fog lights and air intakes, the reestablished front bumper aids in the more prevailing physique of the engine. Immediately you’ll be struck by the front-end work and inevitable prowl I present on the road.

Even my bodywork has been improved for 2011, incorporating an aerodynamic feel for the changing times. There’s a lowered stance from 10mm in the front to 25mm in the rear, giving the impression that I’m waiting to take off. One Maserati pamphlet said perfectly that I “exude speed even when stationary.” Brilliant.

I have 20” rims with light aluminum alloy, as well as options for seven-spoke light alloy with dark chrome treatment. Shoes do make the man.

And, ah, my interior. Those smooth seats with the powerful Maserati “M” emblazoned on the back epitomize strength. Crafted with the most up-to-date ergonomics, including sections perforated by Alcantara, everything is designed with comfort in mind. Then there is TitanTex, an ultra-lightweight aluminum-coated titanium fiber fabric, which gives the interior a high-tech look, as well as a shinier appearance. On the steering paddles, a distinct chromed finish defines the edges. The final stroke of elegance: My interior is finished with the name of my model in relief on the dashboard.

If you’d like, the option for aluminum racing pedals is offered. It completes the racing-style experience and grips the foot comfortably.

From a technological standpoint, the Sport GT S uses an MC-Auto Shift software package for racing-style control of gear changes. The electronic power steering is light and easy to maneuver, but you know you’re handling a finely tuned machine, not a mechanical beast that will fly uncontrollably. The LED lights and Adaptive Light Control system also produces one of the clearest beams in any sports car on the market.

Simply put, I’m stocked with the right material. Now get to your nearest Maserati dealer and let’s talk.

MSRP $134,200.

cal hunter

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