The Red Zone October 2010


Swingbellys Beach Side BBQ
(516) 431-3464, Long Beach

New York on draft (Brooklyn’s Kelso, Saratoga Springs’ Olde Saratoga, Patchogue’s Blue Point). Southern-style on plate (St. Louis Ribs, Pulled Pork on Texas Toast). I believe this may be the second coming of Hands Across America…even if those hands are smothered in smoke sauce. Props to ‘bellys for hosting Oceanside-based Barrier Brewing’s release party at the end of July.

La P’tite Framboise
(516) 767-7164, Port Washington

Parisian-style Port Washington bistro with the most amicable staff on Long Island. Yep, I said it. I believe Framboise was the first Lawn Isle establishment to serve the Brasserie St-Feuillien/Green Flash “colla-brew-ation” (first time ever that Belgian and American family-owned breweries combined to create a beer), Bière De L’Amitié. They know their schtuff.

harbor Q
(516) 883-4227, Port Washington

If you serve Founders Kentucky Breakfast Stout at your food and/or alcoholic beverage establishment, I will come. If you serve Founders Kentucky Breakfast Stout at your food and/or alcoholic beverage establishment and combine it with mammoth portions of BBQ bistro eats like Pulled Pork & Aged Gouda Cheese Quesadillas and Wet Beef Ribs, I will come with suitcases and move in. Forever. Hope Q has a bed for me in the kitchen.


Nag’s Head Ale House
(631) 673-6247, Huntington

A nag is a horse of low quality. A Nag’s Head Ale House is a bar that serves high quality crafts like Captain Lawrence Fresh Chester Pale Ale, Ithaca Flower Power, and Keegan Mother’s Milk. I don’t have anything else even remotely interesting to say about horsies or bars and their quality grades, so I think it’s time to drink.

The Loyal Dog
(631) 225-1535, Lindenhurst

It’s the Great Pumpkin Beer, Charlie Brown! is a new animated television special that follows the entire Peanuts gang as they prepare for Halloween and an evening of trick-or-treating. That is, except Linus, who instead awaits the arrival of the Great Pumpkin Beer, River Horse Hipp-O-Lantern Imperial, at the town’s pumpkin patch. Too bad Linus had no idea I was chillin’ with River Horse, as well as sixty other American crafts and imports, that night at The Loyal Dog. What a blockhead.

PORTERS on the lane
(631) 803-6067, Bellport

My favorite porch of all time. Heart the wooden, nautical-themed interior, as well. Recent five course Samuel Adams Beer Dinner in August. More of these, please!

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